This blog is supervised by Peter Pappas with contributions from his social studies methods class ~ ED 456/533E at the University of Portland’s School of Education.

I see many benefits to a class-managed blog – a great chance to learn WordPress, an authentic audience for student writing, a showcase for student work, and a chance to break out of the Moodle silo.

Fall 2014

Course calendar ’14  |  Syllabus ’14

Fall 2013

  1. Chronology of class content here.
  2. Chronology of course assignments here.
  3. Items Tagged Nikkei Legacy Center Project
  4. Dynamic online calendar @ Google docs
  5. Course syllabus (146 KB pdf)



Header Image Credit
Title: Pomona College student outing (circa 1928)
Description/Notes: Pomona College students off campus for an outing. The signs they are holding, from left to right, read: “This is why Girls Leave Home”; “Novelty Night” and “Extra! Moving Pictures Tin Can Matinee Shown Here Tonite.” Original Collection: Claremont Colleges Photo Archive

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